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Melanie Dowhaniuk

Market Director
Imaginis Marketing Inc.

Melanie Dowhaniuk is the President of Imaginis Marketing Inc.  She was recognized as a Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in 2008. Over the last 9 years, Melanie has generated over 20 million dollars in revenue for her clients and their strategic partners. With a diverse and adaptable team, she continues to thrive in the corporate world servicing and growing clients such as Dell Computers and Bell Canada globally.

Melanie is creative with a talent for identifying market opportunities.  By taking on a role as Managing Partner for Ladies Who Launch Canada, Melanie has found the opportunity to share her diverse experience and passion for success to support like-minded female entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Melanie has over 10 years experience in cross-functional marketing roles.  Having lead event, sales, and promotional projects she is able to apply her expertise across various industries.  Melanie has a proven track record in the technology, telecommunications, fashion, premium spirits, public and not-for-profit fields by having the ability to report and track ROI for every dollar invested.

Melanie is creative with a talent for identifying and ceasing market opportunities.  Today she focuses on expanding her network of clients in order to maximize connections and profitable relationships with partners, staff and customers.  

The motivation and inspiration for Melanie comes from celebrating the women she has helped with lifestyle design.  After participating in the educational programs and becoming an active member of the LWL community, Melanie had the tools and mind-set to build a strong platform to move her professional and personal projects forward.  “I continue to apply the LWL Incubator principles to every aspect of my life and truly believe you can have it all - whatever your all is.  Start today.  Reach your fitness goals, write a book, launch a successful business, find the perfect outfit and date to match!  Create with no limits because dreams really do come true.”

As a jet-setter and avid fundraising gala supporter, Melanie also enjoys quiet time in her tutu!  It’s fitting that she co-chairs the National Ballet of Canada’s Young Professionals Group.  A great fit for her to give back and share her marketing expertise to help cultivate and grow the cultural community.



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