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Relationships Build Businesses: Connect + Collaborate = Grow + Flourish

Sep 30, 2011

[Originally published April 10, 2009]

"Connections build relationships. Relationships build businesses."

The first time I heard that expression, I knew it had a resonance of truth. I heard the expression at the 2007 Ladies Who Launch LIVE! Event, my first introduction to Ladies Who Launch, and it was spoken in the context of "the feminine approach" to business.

After years of being stuck in the early stages of a business idea, bogged down in trying to figure out business plans and revenue models, the idea struck me like a lightening bolt--relationship building is as legitimate a business tool as any other in launching and growing a business. And while men (in general) typically like the process of structuring business plans and putting every detail on paper before taking the first step, women tend to enjoy a more organic, holistic approach, and use relationships to move forward and to execute ideas. Get the project moving, and the business plan could follow.

The business plan had me stuck, but relationships, that I could do.

I got the next piece of the puzzle when I met Taryn Pisaneschi, founder of WIN! Women Intelligently Networking. In describing how she built a lucrative service-based business she admitted: "In the beginning, my entire marketing budget consisted of networking events." And what was her ROI on her marketing plan? In less than 18 months from beginning her business she had quadrupled in her business.

Thus, relationship building is not only a legitimate business tool, it's one of those "nuts and bolts" that can take a business from good to great.

Attendees at our April 8th, 2009, Platinum Member Meeting had the benefit of Taryn's experience as she presented "5 Tips to Being an All-Star Networker." Our featured article is based on her talking points.

Connect + Collaborate = Grow + Flourish

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