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Angela Stalcup

Market Director
The Curvy Life

"Five years mired in the muck of stuck."  That's how Angela Stalcup describes her life before she found Ladies Who Launch.

Angela spent 13 years as a successful freelance communications consultant, but it wasnt really her passion. She had an idea for a book and workshop offering around an issue that fueled her excitement--positive body image--but for five years she did nothing with it. She  kept worrying about doing it the right way.

Angela attended every kind of event and workshop around, career discovery and business development in the search for a way to connect with her passion. She stumbled upon the annual Atlanta Ladies Who Launch one-day event and, in this room of dynamic, motivated women, she had an epiphany. She says,"I spent 5 years worrying about doing things the "right" way on to discover that there is no one right way, but there is one guaranteed wrong waydoing nothing."

She knew that she needed a community of support and accountability, and she found all that with Ladies Who Launch. She immediately signed up for the Incubator Intensive Workshop and found the focus/support/accountability process that clarified her vision and got her moving toward your goals. "I accomplished more in 5 weeks with my passionate project than I had in the previous 5 years," she says. She then joined the local membership program, to continue with local and national support and resources. 

In this process, Angela discovered another passion--empowering women to start their own business. She quickly joined the Ladies Who Launch team, and within 9 months, became the Director of the Atlanta program in January 2009. She's still working on The Curvy Life, (, her Incubator Intensive business, and is seeing success and growth there.


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